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R. J. Larson, © 2011. Hand-drawn parchment and ink copy by Katharin Fiscaletti.
Copyright, Katharin Fiscaletti. © 2011.
Ela forced herself to swallow. To look over her shoulder. At the hideous creature approaching her, soft-footed. The size of a ram.

But this was no ram.

Bloodshot yellow eyes, flat as stones, watched her from a broad, skeletal face, plastered with a thick red skin that coated its powerful body like coagulated blood. 


From  Prophet, Books of the Infinite

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"Katharin Fiscaletti's rendition of the scaln literally made me jump when I first opened the file's fullscreen image on my computer.
As soon as my heart settled down, I emailed her a wildly enthusiastic note. An artist who can frighten me with my own monster deserves accolades!
Katharin's subsequent work on the parchment and ink copy of my computer-generated map also delighted me. These images fail to do justice to the intricate details she included in the originals.
I'm eager to see more from this talented young artist."  R. J. Larson

Animation by Kristina Fiscaletti, ©2015
Anji, Princess and Lady Khaylah, DownFallen.

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Kristina Fiscaletti, Katharin's equally talented sister, portrays DownFallen's Princess Anji, the Lady Khaylah, in classic Darzeq royal purple riding gear, ready to defend her country's royal family!  

In keeping with her own family's tradition of artistic genius, Kristina drew this flawless animated portrait of Anji in colored inks with breathtaking speed, and swiftly followed up with a portrait of Anji's royal cousin, Matteo of Darzeq, from DownFallen.  

Kristina and Katharin, all I can say is, "Fiscalettis RULE."
Golden-eyed and wary, Matteo of Darzeq (right) flaunts a renegade king's beard!