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2013 Carol Award Finalist!
2013 Clive Staples Finalist! 
2012 Lime Award Finalist!

"A silver-haired prophet has failed."
  ~~The Sages of Parne


Smoke towered black above the crests of the wild borderlands that separated Parne from its neighboring countries. Surely an entire city had to be ablaze to create such massive billows above the clouds.

“Infinite,” she murmured, “What is happening?”

Ela’s question was rhetorical, no answer expected. But a whisper permeated her thoughts.

Close your eyes.

“What?” She gasped through her mantle, captivated, recognizing the Infinite’s voice—hearing it as if He’d leaned over her shoulder and whispered into her ear. 

Close your eyes, and you will see.

  From  Prophet, Books of the Infinite

~~"Character-driven and suspenseful...outstanding YA speculative fiction...."   Library Journal~~Starred review!
"I told several author friends that I would never write fantasy fiction. My research, my passion, has always led me toward historicals. 

“When Ela appeared, however, in a dark place...frightened but determined to follow her vision and her Creator.... I had to follow her to the end of her journey."
                                       R. J. Larson

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